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Picking the Perfect Type of Cheese

Picking the Perfect Type of Cheese

The key to selecting the perfect cheeses for you charcuterie boards lies in achieving a harmonious balance of flavors. Consider the intensity of your cured meats - milder meats benefit from a stronger cheese, while stronger meats pair well with milder cheeses. For example, pair prosciutto with a mild and creamy Brie or soppressata with a full-bodied aged Gouda. Aim to incorporate cheeses with different textures to provide a diverse and exciting culinary experience. Think about including a creamy Camembert, a crumbly aged Cheddar, and a smooth and spreadable goat cheese like Chevre. In warmer months, fresh and tangy cheeses like mozzarella or feta can provide a refreshing contrast to the richness of the charcuterie. During colder months, opt for hearty and robust cheeses such as Gruyere or Stilton. Consider exploring regional, artisinal cheeses that showcase local traditions and flavors. Whether it's a nutty Swiss Gruyere, a pungent French Roquefort, or a creamy Italian Burrata, these cheeses add a touch of authenticity and uniqueness to your charcuterie boards.


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Making an amazing charcuterie doesn't have to be complicated!

By sticking to the basics and focusing on a few key elements, you can curate a delicious and visually appealing spread. Start with a selection of high-quality cured meats, such as prosciutto, salami, and calabrese. Pair these with a variety of artisinal cheeses, like a creamy brie, a flavorful blue cheese, and a sharp cheddar. Add some texture with a selection of nuts and dried fruits, and include a spread of gourmet crackers and crusty bread. Finally, consider adding some olives, pickles, or spreads for a bit of contrast and variety. By keeping it simple and focusing on quality ingredients, you can effortlessly create a charcuterie board that is both impressive and enjoyable for all.

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An essential tool for crafting a charcuterie with precision and style.
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Perfect for those who love a bit of heat in their charcuterie spreads.
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Creamy and mild, brie provides a light, savory touch to any charcuterie.